Did stuff today

Had some catch-up cleaning to work on today. I got to level 4 in Habitica and got a new sword and shield.

I also played more Path of Exile. I got Mind Over Matter, which is a fun keystone. And my totems keep getting more awesome. I only have one more Trial of Ascendancy left before I can go to the Labyrinth in Normal difficulty.

Essence League

Eleventh consecutive post.

This afternoon the new league started in Path of Exile. For my first character of the league, I’m trying a build centered around Flame Totem. I started as a Templar and plan to take the Hierophant ascendancy.

So far it’s fun. The essences are fun to get. And I’m glad they do keep the prophecy mechanic, even though the silver coins drop waaaaay less. It’s probably now a good idea to save them up, instead of using them as fast as you can. I just got the Ancestral Bond keystone, so now I get to have two totems. And already it is becoming awesome. I definitely see why this type of build is so highly recommended for a first-character-in-league build.


Tenth consecutive post.

One of my friends has given me homework. I am to scrounge an old computer, and install on it OpenBSD, single-boot. I am told that they treat shortcomings in their man pages like real bugs. That sounds like an attitude I would like.

So far in Steven Universe my favorite character is Garnet. But many of the reasons why are probably somewhat spoilery.

Steven Universe

Ninth consecutive post.

I watched several more episodes of Steven Universe yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this show to… pretty much everyone. It’s one of those shows that looks like it’s for kids, and would probably be very good for kids to watch, but also addresses a lot of big important things that grown-ups need to think about more often too. It really is a show for all ages. I think I’m only a little over halfway through the first season, but it’s really awesome.

Some of the episodes will probably hit you right in the feels. So, be ready for that.

There are several shows I like quite well, but I think this one might have actually made itself my very favorite of all so far.

Hmmm… some title would be useful.

Seventh consecutive post!

Did some cleaning today. UFYH seems to be useful. I’m almost to level 3 in Habitica. I bought the training sword and the leather helmet. I’m keeping enough gold on hand to get a healing potion in case I need it. I will hopefully do more cleaning tomorrow as well.

Didn’t finish preparing my RP tumblr yet. Didn’t end up working on it today. Maybe will tomorrow. Not sure yet.

Another Post

I looked at Engintron more closely today. What it says it does looks useful, but looking at the script itself raises a few concerns. There’s a lot of “wget –no-check-certificate” happening in it, which is often a warning sign, but then I noticed that in the function used to install the “ui”, it basically disables cPanel’s AppConfig. For “compatibility with newer versions”, instead of actually learning to register with appconfig, it changes a cPanel setting so that it allows unregistered things to run as root. So not only does the plugin not register itself correctly, it without even warning of it disables checking anything else. That seems very “strange” to me. I was hoping that after they fixed the open proxy issue that it would be mostly-fine–that maybe that had been a one-off issue they had forgotten or didn’t know how to check–but it looks like security might not have even entered their thought process in the first place.

I probably should submit bug reports for these things, but if their first response to a new security feature in the panel interfering with their plugin is to disable the security feature (rather than learning how plugins are supposed to work with the feature) I don’t exactly feel confident that they’d bother to fix it.

I’m kind of disappointed. It sounds like a lot of the features would be very nice, and could be better than the other ones I’d heard of so far, if it didn’t have this problem (and “polished” a few other small things to not require manual configuration).

I’ll definitely want to look more closely at nginxcp before trying it again too, in case it has any hidden “surprises” too.