coi rodo (Hello, everyone.)


This is my first post on what I hope will be a lovely and fun blog. I plan to write about whatever I think about and decide I want to talk about. As you can guess from the title, this is likely to be about Math, Morality, or Magic, or some combination of them. However, as you are about to find out, I don’t always define words in the same way as is typical. I haven’t yet decided on a schedule, but I hope to post something every day I’m not at work. My job has an odd schedule, though, so it might be tricky for you to get used to. And maybe I can at least have something short to say on work days too. I really think writing will be good for me, and maybe the things I say will be useful to someone else too. And being publicly available on the internet seems to me the best place for whoever it would be useful to to find it.

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