Halloween Pictures (Finally)!

It seems a Minion of mine has finally gotten around to preparing the presentation of a recent project of hers.

As can be easily seen, she decided to celebrate the festival with an exercise in mimicry, choosing me as the subject. I am told that it is a tradition in parts of Midgard to do similar exercises, with varying degrees of effort, depending on the tastes of the specific participant. Apparently many consider it a child’s activity, but some of the few adults who still participate put forth much more effort than is typical for the children, and sometimes have quite complex disguises.

I still struggle trying to comprehend, why to go to such lengths of effort for a disguise, only to use it on a day or in a context where it is nearly guaranteed to be unconvincing, by virtue of the fact that it is expected. Perhaps it serves as a low-stakes environment for practising the skills, to safely communicate with other participants regarding hints and strategies, so that they do not incur the penalties that typically would result in failed mimicry attempts on other days where the “usual rules” are in effect.

This Minion pictured above has assured me that this is only a first iteration, that she already has some ideas to improve before the next attempt. More specifically, she has plans to improve the shape of the sceptre, and to practice the use of the hair-altering implement which in the above pictures had been used for only the first time.

She may decide to post again later, with more detail on the techniques employed.

My general conclusion, is that it is not bad for a first attempt, especially considering the lack of access to good magic.

And, for the curious, to see the starting point upon which the changes were built:

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