To-Dos and Similar

There’s a new WordPress theme I want to try. I started reading some of the new features, and it looks like I should like TwentyFifteen. I have a few customizations I’ve made in a child theme for TwentyFourteen that I’ll want to convert before I make the switch. Once I get started on it, it’ll probably only take a few minutes, but I’m in the middle of hardware upgrades on my home computer and will need to finish reinstalling and configuring the OS before I do that.

In the meantime, I think I’ll get started on getting “caught up” on my social networking stuff some. I’ll probably start with Facebook since I’ve got so much family there. After that, I’ll probably do g+ or twitter, then the other one. Maybe LinkedIn after that? If anyone’s reading this thing yet and has suggestions on what order to go in catching up on this stuff, you can email me or leave a comment. If you have trouble commenting, let me know (email is most likely to work) with as much detail as you can, so I can try to fix it.

So I don’t confuse everyone like this, here’s my current approximation of how to contact me. My first preference is email, either at my gmail or my domain email. If it’s about administrative stuff for my server or site, I have an admin email address you can use for that. Personal stuff would more effectively be sent to one of the other ones. I’ll also check comments here, and soon Facebook messages too. Once I get caught up on more social networking sites I have accounts in, I’ll probably check those too. But in any given sitting I’ll probably read email first, comments second, and the other stuff after that, so if my sitting isn’t long enough to do that many things, I might only see email at that time. For this reason, I might not see messages via other channels for a few days after I might have seen it if it was email, but I’ll probably still see them at some point, so if it’s not some huge rush it should still be fine.

I plan soon to update my about page with this stuff too, so that it will be easier to find.

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