Steven Universe

Ninth consecutive post. I watched several more episodes of Steven Universe yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this show to… pretty much everyone. It’s one of those shows that looks like it’s for kids, and would probably be very good for kids to watch, but also addresses a lot of big… Continue reading Steven Universe

Today was more Mordor

I played more Shadows of Mordor today. I got to the second major region. It’s kinda fun when you can start “branding” the orcs. I often like games where I get to have minions.

Welp, here goes!

I’m finally working on starting a roleplay blog on tumblr. I’m kinda nervous. I’ll post a link when it’s vaguely-ready.

Another Post

I looked at Engintron more closely today. What it says it does looks useful, but looking at the script itself raises a few concerns. There’s a lot of “wget –no-check-certificate” happening in it, which is often a warning sign, but then I noticed that in the function used to install the “ui”, it basically disables… Continue reading Another Post


Day 4, I think? There was a brief downtime earlier today while my server was being upgraded. Now it has 64-bit CentOS 7, which means cPanel can finally resume updating! It looks like version 58 really did fix PECL for php 7. I wasn’t fully sure if they really would, since they’ve misestimated arrival times… Continue reading Updates

Hi again

This is, if I’m still counting correctly, the third day in a row I have posted. I spent most of the day playing Shadow of Mordor. My cat used to sit on my lap when I played it when she was a kitten, and today she sat in my lap part of the day when… Continue reading Hi again

UFYH and Habitica

I don’t remember how exactly I found the page, but I am really liking UFYH so far. It’s on tumblr. For those of you who don’t like certain types of words, let’s pretend for now that it stands for “Un-Fail Your Habitat”. That, hopefully, preserves the internetly-informality of the original. It’s purpose is to help… Continue reading UFYH and Habitica

Trying Again

It has been quite some time since I posted. Over a year and a half it looks like. I’m currently planning to try getting into an actual habit of writing. So, my new “rule” is, at least one post per day. Every day. Doesn’t have to be much, doesn’t have to be profound, just something.… Continue reading Trying Again