Trying Again

It has been quite some time since I posted. Over a year and a half it looks like.

I’m currently planning to try getting into an actual habit of writing. So, my new “rule” is, at least one post per day. Every day. Doesn’t have to be much, doesn’t have to be profound, just something. Sometime before I go to bed at night, I have to have logged into the site, typed some words, and posted them.

They say it takes about a month for a new thing to become a habit. Since my schedule is a two-week pattern, I will round to two fortnights. An extra fencepost for good measure, that makes 29 posts, of which this is the first. Ideally, I will continue writing daily after that. But twenty-nine days is how long I will be keeping count.

I was thinking of saying that if I write in my tumblr, for example if I get started with roleplaying there, that I would let that count as a daily post. But now I think instead, even if I do write there, I can at least log in here to say that I did it. I’m not requiring a lot in these daily posts, just that they exist, so if I just say “Hey, everyone, I did a tumblr post,” that’s already as long as the post here would have needed to be anyway.

Of course, knowing me, the posts will inevitably be much longer than that. Brevity is often not my strong suit, and I often write huge walls of text. I think my previous posts here demonstrate that well enough. But I’m not requiring any specific length, for this purpose.

I also plan once I get going, to use this as an anchor-habit for other habits. Once I’m already writing here regularly, I can use this to talk about other habits I’ve started working on and how well those are going. Especially if I think people are reading it, maybe I’ll have more motivation to do those things.

I have probably-too-many anti-spam plugins (I really dislike spam a lot), so if you try to comment and it doesn’t work, or if anything else in the site doesn’t work, you can email me at the probably-obvious admin email address. I’m also on gmail and tumblr and twitter and facebook and my name is always “skaryzgik”. I don’t check all of these things with equal frequencies (some of them quite rarely indeed). If you need to get in touch with me and one way doesn’t work, try another.

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