Hi again

This is, if I’m still counting correctly, the third day in a row I have posted.

I spent most of the day playing Shadow of Mordor. My cat used to sit on my lap when I played it when she was a kitten, and today she sat in my lap part of the day when that’s where the sunshine was. But, I think trying to play it too close to bedtime makes it harder to sleep. I think it’s a bit too adrenaliney for right before bed.

I still like Habitica so far. I added a couple tasks to it today. I didn’t make my bed though, so I’m not getting both my dailies today, but I am writing here so that’s one of them.

I’ve been asked what PHB stands for. It stands for Pointy-Haired Boss. The name is from Dilbert. Among their most notable characteristics, after not knowing what they’re doing, is susceptibility to buzzwords. But a lot of things, even though they are buzzwords, the words really do have a meaning, and can actually be useful. But the buzzword form becomes uselessly meaningless. Like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are some things to do or not do, but most people who loudly claim to be experts in it are probably either making things up, or read things written by someone making stuff up.

And, I have been asked how I made the last paragraph cut off, on the main page. Inside WordPress, on the page where the post is being edited, if you’re in “Text” mode, one of the buttons across the top says “more”. If you click on that, then it adds a “more tag”. Everything after that tag does not show up in the version of the post on the main page, but does show up on the page for the post itself.

Didn’t get as much done today as I wanted, but I at least made this post. And, the game I was playing is fun, and I’m making some progress. Tomorrow is a work day.

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