Day 4, I think?

There was a brief downtime earlier today while my server was being upgraded. Now it has 64-bit CentOS 7, which means cPanel can finally resume updating! It looks like version 58 really did fix PECL for php 7. I wasn’t fully sure if they really would, since they’ve misestimated arrival times of features a few times recently, but I was able to install APCu successfully. So currently this blog is using php 7, with dso (with mod_ruid2 installed), zend opcache, and I have wordpress plugin WP-FFPC installed, which uses the apcu to cache even more things. While configuring things I did a few gtmetrix tests. With php 7 and dso/mod_ruid2 (without the opcache or apcu) it loaded in 1.2 seconds. With opcache enabled it was 1.0s. With WP-FFPC enabled with nearly-default settings and apcu installed, it was down to 0.8s. I temporarily enabled cloudflare to test, but with the settings it had stored that brought the load time up to 1.1s. 0.3s is a lot when it was otherwise down to 0.8. I bet if I looked at the settings more carefully I could get the cloudflare value down a bit more, but that’ll be something to do another day. I have a bit of other tweaking to check on and redo (or do differently) in the server, and it’s probably also getting to be time to recheck how I want my plugins configured. Remake my “child theme” so I can have my Project Honeypot links again and continue the crusade against spammers.

One thing about EasyApache 4 though is that mod_security is flagged as conflicting with mod_ruid2. So you can’t have both installed. But, even with EA3, certain types of modsec rules don’t work when mod_ruid2 is enabled (and the log rotation gets… “wonky”).

At some point I might look at nginxcp more closely, in case that can squeeze a little more speed out yet, but last I looked it had a lot of problems with cent7. More recently I’ve been interested in Engintron, but it can be hard to configure “correctly” for not-terribly-uncommon setups (like if there’s any domains on Cloudflare, or if any sites have a Dedicated IP). I feel like Engintron has a lot of potential, but might not quite be “ready” yet. Nginxcp I used to be a huge fan of but I don’t know if they actually fix problems. I haven’t checked recently, so for all I know it might be a lot better now, but last I was following it, it seemed to be progressing very slowly, which wasn’t encouraging with all the changes needed to work with cent7 using systemd.

I’m slightly disappointed that the Let’s Encrypt plugin is only for domain certificates rather than also including the hostname certificate. At some point I need to retry putting a certificate here on my site, but I’ll want to be extra careful after what happened last time. At least this time I’m not trying to use the apache jails, which somehow is still in “EXPERIMENTAL” status.

The new Path of Exile league is starting soon! It sounds like it will be fun, and I’m glad they’re keeping the Prophecy mechanic. I’m thinking of playing a flame totem hierophant for my first character in the new league. It sounds like a good basic idea for a build, that doesn’t rely too heavily on having specific unique items.

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