Welp, here goes!

I’m finally working on starting a roleplay blog on tumblr. I’m kinda nervous. I’ll post a link when it’s vaguely-ready.


    1. An original character. Probably “mostly” Marvel stuff at first.

      So, my general “headcanon” is basically everything-mushed-together? The character is basically the version of me (or a little more me-as-I-wish-I-was) in that mega-crossover-headcanon. But I don’t want to confuse everyone else before I even start, so at first I’ll be trying to downplay the everything-ness of my headcanon until I get going more. So mostly the everything-crossover-headcanon would be the “meta-backstory” of the character, and the character’s own backstory, in this iteration, would start out with a very small portion of that. Which parts get added back in later will probably depend on who else wants to play with me and which Verses they wanna play.

      The part I’m most nervous about, is how to make sure me-as-I-wish-I-was doesn’t become a boring Mary Sue. I’m hoping that since the “wish-I-was” is referring more to the supernatural-ish side of things, that the human-flaws left in will still be enough to be interesting.

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