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(Note: This site is still a project in progress. If there are any technical issues with the site or the server, please contact the administrator via email at admin@skarzgik.com.)

It does sound a rather pretentious title, but I can’t think of one better at the moment. How can I say enough on one page to title it “About Me”? I’ll at least try to cover some of the basics.

I am a Discordian and a Lojbanist. But I sort of chrooted into my own branch of Discordianism, so from where I am now, everything looks like I’m in charge and in control. If I craft it carefully enough, I think I will find magic.

I graduated from Rice University with a BA in Mathematics in 2011. I seem to keep going towards more and more abstract and foundations-y types of topics as time goes on. I really want to learn the very roots of where math comes from. I aspire someday to read the Bourbaki books.

While at Rice, I made many awesome friends, mostly (but not entirely) through The MOB and the Rice Jazz Ensemble. I still have my own clarinet, which I don’t practice often enough, and I hope someday to get my own bari saxophone. Some of my favorite music is Tower of Power. I like a lot of things, though, and I’m not sure I’ve ever met a music I couldn’t enjoy.

(For general chatting about fun stuff, you can comment nearly anywhere on the site, or email me at jdajatnak@skarzgik.com.)

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  1. Hey, I stumbled across your site and wanted to leave my mark. So here is it is.


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