Essence League

Eleventh consecutive post. This afternoon the new league started in Path of Exile. For my first character of the league, I’m trying a build centered around Flame Totem. I started as a Templar and plan to take the Hierophant ascendancy. So far it’s fun. The essences are fun to get. And I’m glad they do […]


Tenth consecutive post. One of my friends has given me homework. I am to scrounge an old computer, and install on it OpenBSD, single-boot. I am told that they treat shortcomings in their man pages like real bugs. That sounds like an attitude I would like. So far in Steven Universe my favorite character is […]

Steven Universe

Ninth consecutive post. I watched several more episodes of Steven Universe yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this show to… pretty much everyone. It’s one of those shows that looks like it’s for kids, and would probably be very good for kids to watch, but also addresses a lot of big […]